LinkedIn Alumni Group Adoption at ABSAP Member Institutions

With networking at their core, business schools understand fully the importance of relationship building. This week, The Association of Business School Alumni Professionals (ABSAP), an organization dedicated to the advancement of top business schools, meets to “benchmark peer schools, brainstorm ideas and grow professionally” at their annual conference. To assist in this benchmarking for ABSAP we revisited our LinkedIn Alumni Graderwhich scores institutions based on their community’s LinkedIn Group adoption rate (LinkedIn Alumni Group Members/Alumni on LinkedIn).

We discovered that there was a wide disparity in LinkedIn Group adoption rates at ABSAP Institutions, although their adoption performance in whole was higher than average. While certainly not the only measure, and not telling of the type of engagement within these groups, this adoption rate is one way to better understand how well connected an institution is on LinkedIn. 

See the top ranking and top bottom of ABSAP institutions below based on LinkedIn Alumni Group adoption rates. 

Note: Marriott School of Management , Smeal College of Business, FSU College of Business, and Sam M. Walton College of Business did not have reliable search results and are not included. Also, McCombs School of Business maintains multiple official LinkedIn groups.

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