The Fundraiser’s Guide to the App Store

There are nearly one million apps in the Apple App Store – enough for anyone to get lost quickly, not know what to download, and get caught up choosing between Angry Birds and Tiny Wings. Advancement officers aiming for maximum efficiency on the road need the apps that work best for development, not just the latest fad.

Introducing: The Fundraiser’s Guide to the App Store.

In our 43-page guide, we’ve hand-selected the best iOS apps for fundraisers and advancement officers and organized them by category so that it’s easy, simple, and intuitive to find exactly what you need. Including apps for booking, transportation, giving, productivity, prospecting, presentations, and fun, our ebook covers just about everything a development professional needs to make the next swing across the country a success.

This ebook doesn’t just include popular apps like Kayak, Google Maps, or Dropbox that every app guide recommends and millions of people use (and should!). In addition, we’ve got tons of hidden gems from the App Store, along with specific, situational suggestions for how they can be used for fundraising and advancement.

Whether you’re looking to find WiFi between donor meetings, track travel expenses, or conduct prospect research on the go, there’s an app for that – and we’ll tell you what it is.

Download the free ebook here, and start loading up your iPad or iPhone!

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