5 Class Agent Strategies for Promoting a Networking App

Class agents are the unheralded All-Stars of development – they’re dedicated to your institution, and are willing to work on behalf of your development team. Plus, they’re totally in-tune with their classmates, and can connect with other alumni in ways that would be impossible for your advancement office .

Therefore, your class agents and other alumni volunteers are a great resource when you want to promote anything to your constituents – but especially your EverTrue app. If you don’t have a class agents program yet, see our Tips on Creating and Executing a Successful Class Agent Program.

Here are some simple things your class agents can do to make your school’s app a success:

Invite Friends!

Have your class agents use the “Invite Friends” feature of the app to invite their fellow classmates to the app. This is a great way to target non-users because they will most likely download the app if the suggestion comes from a fellow alum!

Class Notes

As your class agents accumulate class notes, ask them to include a short reminder for your school’s app in their emails:

“Do you have [app name] on your mobile device? Keep your [school name] network in your pocket and connect with classmates on the go through [school name]’s alumni mobile app [include link to download]!”

Additionally, as they gather updated and current information on their fellow classmates have them utilize the “Suggest an Update” feature and add any new information about your alumni.

Annual Fund Emails

Just like your class note emails, annual fund reminders are a great way to spread the word about your school’s app. Your class agents can market the app by including reminders below their signatures:

“P.S. Don’t forget to download our alumni networking app!”

Make sure to have your volunteers embed a link so that your alumni know where to download the app right from the email.

Demos at alumni events

At your next reunion, have some of your alumni volunteers set up a booth to explain how to use your school’s app to their fellow classmates. Then, by walking around the event with an iPad or smartphone, they can show all of your attendees the many benefits your app has to offer.

Word of mouth

Your class agents and alumni volunteers can spread the word about your EverTrue app by posting in your school’s LinkedIn alumni group or Facebook page. Having your class agents advocate on social media will give your app legitimacy and is a great way to entice new users.

Remember, your class agents are your school’s All Stars and a great resource to market your app. Don’t forget to include these easy steps into your volunteer handbook!

Have any more ideas on how your class agents can market your app? We’d love to hear them so leave us a comment below.

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