10 Easy Lifehacks For The Advancement Pro

Classes are almost back in session and, along with it, advancement teams everywhere are gearing up for a successful school year. When in a bind for some of your most practical needs and concerns this fall, we scoured the web for 10 easy lifehacks that your advancement team can use at the office or on the road!

Around the Alumni Office:

1. Chapstick is the cure to paper cuts from printed donor reports.

2. Binder clips let you update your database when your keyboard breaks.

3. Don’t let packaging stop you from spending time with constituents.

4.  Your snack break on campus just turned into a jam session.

5. Your IT department will be left impressed. Trust us.

For on the Road : Gift Officers

6. Power up your phone before your next donor meeting with your hotel TV.

7. Keep all your cable essentials in one central spot.

8. Look dapper with an ironed collar for your next regional alumni event.


9. Ever wish your iPhone speakers were a little bit louder? We did too…

10. Spot your luggage right away in baggage claim!


Any lifehacks that you would like to add to this list? Let us know at marketing@evertrue.com.

Make sure to check out our list of helpful apps for advancement pros in The Fundraiser’s Guide to the App Store.

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