LinkedIn Launches New University Pages… And We Are Fans

This morning LinkedIn announced the launch of “University Pages,” a great step forward for prospective students to discover their perfect college fit, as well as for current students and alumni to land their dream job.

EverTrue always stays tuned to ways LinkedIn can help institutions and their alumni, so when we heard the announcement this morning we were pretty psyched. Previous to University Pages, Higher Ed institutions on LinkedIn have worked with the Find Alumni Tool, Groups and Companies, all of which were helpful but lacked cohesion. Today, University Pages brings together all of an institution’s LinkedIn information to one place.


As mentioned by Christina Allen, Product Director at LinkedIn, University Pages both empowers “students making their first big decision about where to attend college,” and provides “incredible value for students — helping them explore possible futures and build a support network to help them succeed on campus and beyond.”

So practically speaking what do University Pages provide?


Right off the bat when you access University Pages from Interests–>Education click “See your School” to see the page of your alma mater. To visit another institution (there are currently 200 colleges and universities available), you currently need to search for that institution in LinkedIn’s search bar or utilize the “prospective student tab” under Interests–> Education.

When you access the page you will notice the first benefit of bringing everything about your school together in one central place. Beyond showing popular companies and industries of a school’s alumni population, additional features on University Pages include adding education, notable alumni, similar schools and general information, such as school type, campus information and financial aid. University Pages also highlight a “Featured” Alumni Group.

Test out LinkedIn’s New University Pages here and let us know what you think (you know this is not the last time we’re going to be writing about this)!

For tips on setting up your institutions page or on how to request a University Page, check out this advice from @KarineJoly on

And check out the video below to see why students should be using LinkedIn to land their dream job…

PS – For tips on using LinkedIn check out our free LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement!

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