Getting NearCampus at the Start of this School Year

A new school year is upon us. Students once again are pouring onto campus. The first few weeks of a school year is an exciting time and one that your alumni are sure to recall. One of the major differences though between when alumni made their return to classes and when today’s students come back is the amount of sharable content that today’s students are creating versus the past.

In order to catch these magical moments of orientation, the arrival of football season and dorm room decoration, we utilized our NearCampus iPhone app, which aggregates all publicly available Instagram photos at every college and university in the United States. You can download the app here for free for next time you’re looking for photos that are taking place on your college campus.

So, to give you an authentic, unfiltered view of the start of this school year, here are photos from the Top 10 Colleges in Alumni Donations” according to the Alumni Factor:


1. Princeton University ~ Average Alumni Giving: 60%
Princeton students get ready for a new year with fresh student IDs!
2. Carleton College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 58%
Carleton students increase their strength at the gym.
3. Centre College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 57%
Centre College Students attend orientation.
4. Williams College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 56%
The Elps at Willams prepare for victory on the football field.
5. Amherst College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 55%
Amherst students load up on snacks for a successful semester ahead.
6. Middlebury College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 55%
Middlebury students head back into town to celebrate their arrival back.
7. Davidson College  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 54%
Davidson students flock back to the dining halls.
8. College of the Holy Cross  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 51%
Crusaders at Holy Cross hit the books to prepare for classes.
9. Trinity College ~ Average Alumni Giving: 49%
Trinity College students prepare their dorm rooms with international decor.
10. Wesleyan University  ~ Average Alumni Giving: 49%
Wesleyan students take a break from move-in with a drive-in movie experience.


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