Solutions for Millennial Giving: Webinar Recap

It’s the million(ium) dollar question: how can institutions effectively target Generation Y in today’s fragmented fundraising landscape?
Well, yesterday in Solutions for Millennial Giving, we debunked some of the myths surrounding millennial fundraising and explored the latest trends and approaches for Generation Y. Along with Matt Siegel from the University of Rochester and our Dean of Marketing Affairs, Harvey Simmons, we shared strategies that your institution can implement to better reach this increasingly influential group of constituents and reviewed the incredible progress made at U of R.
Spoiler Alerts:
Contrary to popular belief, recent evidence has shown that millennials have higher participation, on average, than their Generation X counterparts. Yet, some other myths stand true: according to Eduventures, student loan debt does affect the desire to give. Students that have more than $20,000 in debt are significantly less likely to give to their alma mater. But, are there better ways to approach millennials that can counter that trend?

Millennials crave simplicity. If you can ensure that giving is both easy and transparent, you’re ahead of the game. Another great way to reach millennials is to offer different types of giving – 52% of millennials are interested in recurring gifts such as the monthly installments offered by Rice University. As Matt discusses, millennials are more likely to participate in campaigns when you can tap their passion, and allow them to give directly to specific causes.

From everyone at EverTrue, thanks to those who participated! If you want to keep the conversation going on Twitter, please check out our hashtag #GENYGIVEto see what your colleagues are talking about and to share your own campaigns around this important demographic.

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