EverTrue Near You: A TruePartner User Group At Pomfret School

One of the most rewarding parts of working at EverTrue is being able to work with such incredible schools. As EverTrue has grown, we have started to cultivate our TruePartners community of clients. Through our LinkedIn group, user feedback forums and webinars, we are starting to generate an online community and presence for our partners to be able to share ideas related to EverTrue and otherwise. In addition to our online community, we have started to host client events. Last spring we hosted in our office a Boston based meet-up discussing social media trends for millennials. A big ask from clients after that event was to have sessions with an EverTrue focus.

From this, “EverTrue Near You” was born.

This September, I traveled to San Francisco to meet with Bay Area schools for our first user group hosted by Marin Academy. Yesterday, marked the second time we packed up some of our team and traveled to Pomfret School for a morning of EverTrue marketing ideas, product roadmap and feedback sessions.


Harvey, our Dean of Marketing Affairs, also came along to share insights on Facebook ads and some new alumni tools we are crushing on these days. (See his presentation at the bottom of this post!)

The user group yesterday proved valuable both for TruePartner attendees as well as for the EverTrue product team who was able to get beneficial feedback on features currently in production. In addition to social media, product and feedback, we looked at marketing ideas to promote EverTrue to your community. Ideas included evangelizing your class agents to be your power users to simple solutions such as at your next event, swapping out drink tickets for showing EverTrue on your device.  Chris Gillman, Director of Alumni Programs at Trinity-Pawling School said of the day, “After attending the Evertrue Meetup at Pomfret School I felt reinvigorated upon my return home.  Having the ability to see all the new ideas and initiatives that are available, as well as speaking with colleagues from various schools instills a sense of motivation within yourself.  There is nothing better than returning to your school and attacking the “notes” list you made from everyone sharing their ideas and best practices.  The drive home from Pomfret allowed me to feel once again confident with Trinity-Pawling’s choice to use Evertrue!”

Thanks to our hosts at Pomfret School and for all the other Partners that have attended our sessions.  If you have interest in hosting EverTrue Near You at your school, let us know.

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