EverTrue: Building relationships, mobile software, and now office space

We’ve reached a milestone: EverTrue officially has its very own office! With its brick walls, open floor plan, and seemingly endless erasable surfaces (perfect for spontaneous brainstorming), it was a natural fit from the start.

As expert builders of relationships and mobile software, we figured we’d have a go at putting some personal touches into the office to make it even more our own. We painted air ducts and ceiling tiles. We designed and built all of our 36 desks. We installed a DJ booth and a disco ball. But why tell you when we can show you:

With our personalization complete and the EverCrew moved in, we had an office warming party last night to christen the space. We had the party to celebrate not only our new home at 330 Congress Street but also all the people that helped us get here. While we love having a space that’s all our own, we’ll miss our former neighbors and co-habitators. And like a student leaving for college, we’ll be back to visit and hope you’ll come to visit us here, especially if you didn’t make it last night.

Thank you to the village of incredible people who got us to our new office. Can’t visit us and see the product of our blood, sweat, and tears firsthand? Check out this feature of the new EverTrue digs on VentureFizz.

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