Let Us Show You Why (and How!) to Use EventBrite

While it’s hard to deny that the Age of Mobile is here and in full swing, don’t let that convince you that the days of face-to-face in-person interactions are gone. In fact, they’re getting stronger.

That’s—in great part—thanks to Eventbrite. It’s the simple way to plan community and fundraising events. And after our how-to webinar, you’ll know exactly why.


Here’s the short version

Eventbrite takes your unparalleled event planning skills and amplifies them. Not only does Eventbrite help you manage your event but it also minimizes your time spent on tracking RSVPs and guest lists so you can focus on creating an event to remember. On top of that, it hikes ticket sales and attendance with social integration, turning attendees into your biggest promoters through the power of—you guessed it—mobile.

How, you ask? 40% of smartphone owners use social media several times a day. Each time they access social media on mobile, your attendees are posting to an average of 262 Facebook friends each, leading to an incredible potential reach of 68,600 people through social sharing.

If you’d like to see that kind of ROI on your event planning, join us for a free webinar this Thursday, January 16th at 2PM EST with Eventbrite’s Laura Coltrin. Click here to save your spot.

Hope to see you there! 


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