Learn How Social Donor Management Can Help Your Research at MARC

“Nonprofit leaders can no longer rely on instinct or intuition to develop the sophisticated development operations necessary today.” – APRA

“Paradigm shift.”

That is an expression heard around our office frequently these days. Customers and prospective customers have repeatedly described Social Donor Management as a massive shift in the way they approach the Advancement business. For over 100 years, Advancement professionals have endeavored to collect and analyze donor data. In the last three years, a vast majority of donor information has shifted to the cloud by way of networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Advancement Services professionals sit at the nexus of this paradigm shift.  We’re excited about catching up with many of you at the upcoming APRA Mid-Atlantic Researchers Conference, where my colleague Mike Palladino and I will be discussing three key Advancement Services trends:

Better Data. The typical higher education institution has inaccurate or incomplete career data for over 90% of constituents. In general, top-of-the-pyramid donors and prospects have very complete donor profiles. But middle- and bottom-of-the-pyramid constituent profiles typically lack crucial information.

Relevant Insights. Having high quality donor data supports advanced querying of your donor database. But in a dynamic, real-time world, even great data isn’t enough. We’ll describe ways that Advancement Services professionals are turning social insights into actionable data across the giving pyramid.

At Your Fingertips. Historically, fundraisers and Advancement Services professionals alike have had limited ability to access, analyze, and take action with data unless they were sitting at their computer. We’ll share ways that the same technology harnessed by Zillow and Yelp is powering the shift to Social Donor Management.

We’ll be speaking this Thursday at 11:25am and will share examples of how Brown University, Cornell University, Amherst College, and other leading institutions are turning social insights into a clear ROI. We’ll also provide a Social Donor Management framework with key questions your institution should start exploring.

If you’ll be at the MARC conference and would like to learn more about Social Donor Management, please email Jessie Small at jessie.small@evertrue.com to RSVP and schedule a conversation.

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