Did Your School Make It into This Year's LinkedIn Alumni Volunteer Index?

As you know all too well, it can be quite a feat to scour your database looking for volunteer and board member candidates. As you also know, if you’re a regular reader of the EverTrue blog, we’re firm believers in the power and ease of LinkedIn as an advancement tool, whether you’re growing your alumni connections or identifying those volunteers and board members.

So we put our belief to the test. We used LinkedIn data to calculate the percentage of nonprofit interest among alumni at liberal arts colleges across the country and ranked the top 20 schools in our LinkedIn Alumni Volunteer Index. We also explored the “givingest” segments of alumni within those top 20 schools by activities, industries, and other affiliations. Take a look at the Index below to see where your school—and others in your conference—fall on the list.

Didn’t make it this year? Read our 2014 LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement for best practices and pro tips to optimize your LinkedIn ROI.


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