DePauw's EverTrue App Gives Student Unparalleled Value

Here at EverTrue, it’s our mission to build relationships. Everything we do is in pursuit of that goal—whether it’s helping our customers engage with their alumni or helping those alumni connect with each other. So we love hearing stories of our customers’ success with the EverTrue app!

And that success goes beyond adoption numbers. It extends to the apps’ users: the alumni, students, parents, and everyone else who is logging in and making meaningful connections.

DePauw University senior Rachel Hanebutt is one of those users who has directly and personally felt the impact of the EverTrue app. She’s felt the presence of the DePauw bond on campus and—thanks in great part to the app—off campus.

Whether using the map feature to locate alumni or simply checking the app’s News and Social feed to sidestep campus construction during the school year, Rachel believes that EverTrue is “helping the DePauw family grow more than in the past.” Because DePauw is located in a small rural Indiana town, she said, the app has been an integral way to stay in touch as alumni spread their wings and move away after graduation. It has helped keep the community together and preserve that special DePauw bond that Rachel already cherishes so much:

“I’ve never met a DePauw alum that didn’t scream, ‘DePauw!’ You kind of know that they’re from DePauw. The bond is a little bit different than most schools because we have some really weird traditions on campus. You can talk about those experiences and bond over them.”

And that’s just what she did. A Political Science and Education Studies major, Rachel scored an internship at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. this summer. The internship was an experience she couldn’t pass up—but it also meant she needed to find a place to live in a city where she knew no one. With the help of the EverTrue app, however, she had no trouble making the arrangements. By reaching out to a D.C.-based DePauw alum directly through the app, she easily secured housing for the summer.

Now in D.C., Rachel has been using the app to build a community in her temporary summer home. With the app’s map and search functions, she has located and reached out to several DePauw alums in the area, including alumni of her sorority Alpha Chi Omega. Every week, she meets up for dinner or a social outing with DePauw alums whom she found through the app.

“I probably wouldn’t consider living somewhere until checking the EverTrue app to make sure fellow Tigers are nearby.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Rachel has become a vocal advocate for the EverTrue app, encouraging all of her DePauw peers to download and use it. “I think that more students should take advantage of EverTrue,” she said. “It’s a great resource, and I hope that more alumni start filling out their profiles.” 

*Courtesy of DePauw University*

Given the success that DePauw has had in growing its EverTrue community, it’s no surprise that its alumni and current students—like Rachel—have found the app to be an incredibly valuable space to network with each other.

Want to stay connected with your alumni while helping them build their personal networks? Find out how here.


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