What My EverTrue Internship Taught Me About the Real World

The world of startups is fast-paced and uncertain. Decisions are made constantly about the direction in which the company should proceed, and these companies must learn to immediately adapt to changes in the field and incorporate the ideas and needs of customers.

The result is an environment in which you are surrounded by all aspects of the business and have an opportunity to experience the result of all the teams working closely together. As an aspiring developer and rising Sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania, I knew that this was a world I wanted to dive into.

I began looking around for a summer job near the end of my Freshman year, hoping to find something in the Boston area. I was not certain what I would find, but as soon as I heard about an opportunity at EverTrue, I had to learn more.

EverTrue had everything that I was looking for: It was a small company that was beginning to grow rapidly and had an interesting product and approach to its market. EverTrue’s website and videos made it clear that the employees were fun, smart, and excited about what they were doing.

A few weeks into working at EverTrue, I found that it was even more than I had expected. It is rare to find an opportunity for a student to jump right into an internship role and work closely with the development team to make a real impact, yet EverTrue offered me exactly that. I have learned countless skills working with the team, as well as new development tools and languages that I could not have learned in the classroom alone.

Additionally, I’ve been given the opportunity to observe firsthand the meetings where our CEO Brent shares the goals and successes of the quarter with the company.

My experience at EverTrue has been beyond anything I could have hoped for. In a few weeks when I return to school, I’ll be full of insights into how my learning relates to the real world.

Meet Josh’s fellow interns Emma CurrierJenna Buckle, and Vince Kennedy!

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