4 Tips for Building a High-Performance Culture Around Constructive Feedback

Here at EverTrue, we’re really proud of our culture. We’re a group of passionate, mission-driven folks who love the work we do, so we’re excited to share our thoughts and opinions on what we think will best help our customers and our company.

Of course, as with any team, our thoughts and opinions don’t always align with our teammates’ thoughts and opinions. Or even our CEO’s.

Lucky for us, that CEO—Brent Grinna—believes deeply in EverTrue’s mission of building relationships to create a better world and, as such, is a huge proponent of constructive feedback. Brent expects and entrusts all of the EverCrew to speak our minds, actively listen to the counterpoints, and to solicit feedback about our performance. This creates a culture of openness and accountability that’s a large part of why we’ve been recognized as having one of Boston’s best company cultures.


Our mission is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world.

Brent shared his insights in his recent article for Serious Startups, outlining the four steps for building a high-performance culture around constructive feedback. By creating a work environment founded on constructive feedback, you, too, can push your colleagues and yourself to build a unified and unstoppable team.

So probe your teammates’ thoughts, open your ears, and find out what you can do better. Remember: U.S. businesses spend $105 billion each year handling poorly performing employees, and those subpar employees can harm a business both financially and culturally. Constructive criticism encourages people and incentivizes improvement, while non-constructive (i.e., destructive) feedback actually inhibits growth. Understanding the differences between these approaches will enhance your interactions with employees and teammates and expose true potential.

Start building a more open and productive culture by reading the full article on Serious Startups here.




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