EverTrue TV Ep 1: Social Donor Management Overview

Welcome to the first episode of EverTrue TV!

Through our ongoing video series, our founder and CEO Brent Grinna—and other guests along the way—will be exploring the emerging methodology of social donor management and how it can streamline your work in advancement to make you (and ultimately your team) more efficient and productive.

Watch the video below for an introduction to social donor management and its three pillars: build, understand, and ask. For a more in depth look at each pillar, catch the rest of the series here: Ep 2: Build, Ep 3: Understand, and Ep 4: Ask.

Full Video Transcript

Every nonprofit wants to know more about its current and potential donors. Especially big donors. And you’ve worked really hard to keep donor information up-to-date in your traditional database. But over the last few years, donor information has shifted from those systems to networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. By connecting the dots between internal donor data and external social data, you create a massive opportunity for your nonprofit. We call that social donor management.

There are three core elements of social donor management that we’re going to dig into in the coming months: build, understand, ask.

First, build. Most nonprofits already have a great foundation for social donor management. If your organization has a LinkedIn group, Facebook page, or Twitter account, you’re already off to a good start.

Second, understand. Once you’ve built your audience, it’s important to segment and understand that audience in relation to your donor database. By analyzing both internal data and external social data, you can easily identify donors who can support your mission.

Third, ask. Once you’ve built an audience you understand, you can equip your team to be more efficient, make better asks, and raise more money.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: Are big donors really on these social networks? Yes! Everyone’s on these networks. And we’ll dive more into that next time.

Check out EverTrue TV Ep 2, “Build,” to learn about the second pillar of social donor management!

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