The Perks of EverTrue’s New Integration with Raiser’s Edge

UNDERSTATEMENT ALERT: Blackbaud’s The Raiser’s Edge® has a substantial following.

More than half of EverTrue customers use The Raiser’s Edge® as their database of record for fundraising and advancement.

Our GivingTree software and Community app have enabled our customers to fundraise more effectively than ever before. And given that our goal is to help those customers spend their time growing and strengthening the relationships within their constituent communities, we felt it was critical to make the process of exchanging data between The Raiser’s Edge® and EverTrue as easy as possible.

To do that, we’ve created our own “easy button” for integrating with EverTrue: I’m very, very delighted to announce REDS, our Raiser’s Edge Data Shuttle.

As product manager of our latest version of REDS, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shaun Sullivan, who is not only a dynamite technologist but was also the CTO of Blackbaud for 21 years.

“Having spent 21 years at Blackbaud as a key contributor to the product and its direction, I have tremendous passion for ‘RE.’ When the opportunity arose for my company to help bring two world class complimentary solutions together, we jumped at the chance. It’s exciting to think about how compelling this solution will be for Raiser’s Edge customers rapidly embracing a ‘mobile first’ world.”
Shaun Sullivan, former Blackbaud CTO and current Electric Plum CEO

How does REDS work?

REDS is a Windows service that securely sends encrypted data from The Raiser’s Edge® to EverTrue as a scheduled task. This allows worry-free and automated data transfer from Raiser’s Edge to EverTrue.

“REDS made the whole process of importing data even more seamless. There is minimal monitoring that needs to happen with our data and EverTrue, as REDS is now set up to run daily. We now look forward to launching Community to OUR community at the start of the school year!”
Jen Hodgdon, Director of Annual Fund & Parent Relations at Brookwood School

REDS does not update any records in The Raiser’s Edge®. Reports of suggested updates, new emails, and other data are available in the EverTrue Console so you can update RE according to your own best practices.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes! REDS installation and configuration typically takes less than an hour to complete.

What data is sent?

REDS sends the same data as our .CSV-based import format: constituent information, addresses, emails and phone numbers, education and work history, and custom attributes. If you use GivingTree, giving information is also sent.

Is it secure?

Yes, all data transferred with REDS is encrypted end to end.

What does it cost?

REDS is free as in beer. It is included in the EverTrue platform and carries no additional cost.  Also, it does not require an additional Raiser’s Edge license.

Data Is Never Easy… Or Is It?

Anyone who has gone through a data integration project has the bruises and scars to prove it. It’s conventional wisdom that, well, data is usually just a pain in the neck. At The Raiser’s Edge® and EverTrue, we believe REDS is the easy button you’ve been looking for.

“I am glad we took the REDS approach, as I never worry about non-updated records in EverTrue. We have appreciated that REDS is hands-off and gives reliable updates.”
Bruno Dupeyron, Director of Advancement Services at Northfield Mount Hermon School

Going to Blackbaud’s bbcon 2014 next week? Be sure to visit us at Booth 629!

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