Mission-Driven or Bust! Why I Chose to Write for EverTrue.

Me, you ask? I’ve worked at nonprofits basically all my career. I’m a nonprofit kinda guy. I work better, stronger when there’s a social or educational cause I’m pushing for. I’ve been fortunate to apply my background and skills, energy, and commitment to organizations that I believed in, that I was proud to say I worked at: PBS/WGBH, museums, colleges, and conservation orgs. Plus it was always fun getting responses like, “Must be fun to work there!” or “That’s my son’s favorite museum! Mine, too!” or “Hey, they do good work.”

At my jobs, I have combined a journalistic approach with a promotional slant to tell (and sell) an organization’s story. At these various places, I was involved in providing editorial, strategic and production services, helping various departments, particularly development, raise their visibility, engagement, and support. And if I did my job well—found the angles, crafted the messages and stories that would spark a response—I would get the targeted audiences to take an action: to watch, visit, attend, follow, join, support, give.

Upon seeing the position of “Content Writer” at EverTrue listed on indeed.com (yes, “indeed”), I was excited because the job’s duties and goals were right up my alley and down my street, passing through my heart and head. The company’s mission aligned nicely with my background, interests, and beliefs. I quickly applied with a letter that opened, “Having worked as a writer/editor at nonprofit organizations my entire career, I can see that EverTrue provides a critical and innovative service. I would welcome the challenge of applying my skills and background to strengthen the EverTrue voice and advance its mission.”

The ad stated that EverTrue was seeking a writer “to help create extraordinary content to tell our story.” Since I had often generated projects that explained and promoted trusted, innovative places, I felt I would be up to the task.

While getting to know the EverCrew I’d be working for and with, and becoming familiar with EverTrue’s services, I soon learned that EverTrue sought “extraordinary content” because the company is beyond the ordinary—in terms of product, people, and motivation.

Now, I’m excited about the opportunity to grasp new content, reach out to new audiences, and help enhance the quality and impact of EverTrue communications. And if I do my job well, I will have elicited the desired response and help build relationships that foster a better world.

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