The Future of Advancement Is Now [infographic]

To fundraise efficiently—or really at all—institutions need current contact and biographical information for their constituents. That’s obvious.

What isn’t as obvious is where to go to find and access that current information. Alums aren’t very good about updating their advancement offices every time they move or change jobs or email addresses. They do, however, keep their social profiles up-to-date. That means the donor data your team is looking for, the data you need to do your job, no longer exists solely in your database.

The infographic below illustrates that challenge and its solution: social donor management.

Why social donor management? Advancement teams are fed up with spending most of their energy serving their databases, not being served by them. Like many for-profit organizations, these teams are becoming more open to trading the full control and centralization of their databases for solutions that are simple and beautifully well-suited to a single task. This trend toward specialized external services is continuing to spread into higher ed. And advancement services professionals at institutions across the country are already leveraging social insights to strategically build their donor pipelines.

So why shouldn’t you?

Join our 30-minute Social Donor Management Tutorial on Thursday, December 18th at 2pm EST to find out how.

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