Brown University and the Power of Facebook [white paper]

Most fundraising teams don’t have any connection to—or sometimes any awareness of—their institution’s Facebook presence. That’s a shame because there’s so much fundraising potential locked up in that Facebook page. It’s teeming with insights on your rated prospects and donors, many of whom are regularly engaging with your content. There might even be some highly engaged prospects you may not know but who have a strong propensity to give (and in big ways!).

In short, social intelligence is the next frontier of advancement. With Brown University’s help, EverTrue confirmed the ROI potential of Facebook through social donor management (SDM), an emerging methodology for enabling your fundraising team to build and understand constituent data on external social platforms in the context of your internal donor database.

See the full results by downloading our Social Donor Management in Action: Brown University and the Power of Facebook white paper below:

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