MIT, Ohio State, and EverTrue Studies Find that Involved Alumni Still Give More [white paper]

It’s no secret that involved alumni are more likely to give. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Ohio State University have the research to back it up: in 2002, both institutions released data on the strong positive correlation between alumni involvement and propensity to give.

Nowadays, however, the definition of “involved alumni” is expanding. Not only do alumni engage with your institution by attending reunion and volunteering as class agents, but they also show their affinity by interacting with you on social media. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are valuable tools for discovering your most enthusiastic and engaged alumni.

But how does social media engagement relate to giving? In our white paper, Why Fundraisers Should Care about Involved Alumni: Research from MIT, Ohio State, and EverTrue, we share our research on the telling relationship between a constituent’s social media activity and his/her likelihood to give.

Dive into our findings by downloading the white paper below:

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