EverTrue TV Ep 5: Facebook 101 – Boosting a Post

If your school has a Facebook presence, you’ve already dedicated manpower and salary to the platform. Your social media team spends its time creating and sharing content on Facebook in the hope that alumni and donors will stay informed and engaged.

In the latest episode of EverTrue TV, our founder and CEO Brent Grinna tells you how to get the most ROI out of your Facebook efforts in three simple steps. By committing a little more time and money to Facebook, your advancement team can better achieve its fundraising goals by gaining a truer picture of your prospects’ propensity to give.

Check out the episode below!

Full Video Transcript

Just as people who attend events or volunteer are more likely to give, constituents who engage with you on Facebook are also more likely to give. This insight is encouraging many fundraising organizations to more strategically invest in Facebook.

One of easiest ways to get started is by boosting your posts.

Today, I’ll be showing you an example of how Brown University reached over 40,000 alumni and friends with just $30. [DID YOU SAY $30?]

Yes, just $30.

Now, let’s a look at Facebook. 

In order to boost a post, you need to be an administrator on your institution’s page. So if you don’t have access, get in touch with your social media manager.

Ok. There are three simple steps to getting started with boosting a post on Facebook.

First, find some interesting content. It could be a photo, news article, or an upcoming event.

Next, create a post on Facebook. In this case, we chose a story about James Develin’s journey from Brown to the New England Patriots. We added a photo because posts with photos or videos perform better.

Then, select “Boost Post.” In this case, I chose $30 and I decided to target fans of this page and their friends, but there are many targeting options.

Finally, hit “Post.” Then, sit back and watch the engagement roll in!

In this case, we were able to reach over 40,000 alumni, parents, and friends in just a few hours.

Facebook breaks down the total views by organic and paid traffic, so you can see just how much boosting this post really helped our reach.

By paying a very small amount, we were able to reach 4x our normal audience.

The people who engaged with that post range from major donors to non-donors and everything in between. In total, the people who engaged with that post have given over a million dollars to Brown.

Just think about how much time and money it would take to reach those same 40,000 people via email or direct mail. Facebook offers massive reach at a very low cost with strong potential ROI.

That’s what social donor management is all about.

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