EverTrue TV Ep 4: Ask

Through our ongoing video series, our founder and CEO Brent Grinna has been exploring the emerging methodology of social donor management (SDM) and how it can streamline your work in advancement to make you (and ultimately your team) more efficient and productive.

In the below video, learn about the third and final pillar of SDM: Ask.

Just tuning in to the series now? Make sure to watch Ep 1: SDM Overview, Ep 2: Build, and Ep 3: Understand first!


Once you’ve built an audience on social media that you understand in relation to your existing donor database, you can equip your team to be more efficient and make better asks.

So what kind of “ask” are we talking about?

Well, if you work in prospect research, you might not make the “ask” yourself. But social donor management can help you understand which rated prospects are engaging with you on social media so you can ensure they are assigned to a gift officer.

For frontline fundraisers, it’s all about planning trips more efficiently. Many gift officers we work with plan 150 or more visits per year. Let’s say you’re going to Chicago to see a donor who’s already in your portfolio. Social donor management can help you surface additional prospects in the area who could be great candidates for discovery visits.

Work in the annual fund? Trying to grow participation? Social donor management can surface highly engaged non-donors who are likely to give with a more personalized ask.

What about alumni relations or external affairs? Your ask might not be about money, but it might be asking people to join as volunteers, mentors, or board members. Social donor management uncovers people in your community who want to help.

No matter what your role is within your fundraising organization, social donor management will help you make better asks at the top, middle, or bottom of your donor pyramid. In coming sessions, we’ll be highlighting success stories of how you and your peers are doing just that.

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