A Rejection Letter to Advancement

The Office for Alumni of Colleges and Universities

Advancement Office
1 Development Dr.
Collegetown, USA

Dear Alma Maters,

We have carefully reviewed all of your information and credentials as an applicant for our annual act of philanthropy. After much consideration, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a financial gift for the fiscal year of 2015. This year’s pool of nonprofits was especially talented and diverse, and in light of this, we are unable to offer a donation to every worthy 501(c)(3).

We recognize this may come as a disappointment to you, but we hope you will understand that, while your ambitions and qualifications are impressive, there are other organizations providing a more appealing vehicle for our gifts, while offering more clarity regarding the impact of our support.

We sincerely hope you will continue your fundraising pursuits for this noble institution, but we suggest that you reconsider how you’re presenting your case to the 90% of us who have voted to deny you at this time. You should also update your transcript beyond “Give because you went here.” While that is a factual statement, your competition requires that you go beyond this decades-old qualification.

Should you wish to reapply for our support, we recommend you read EverTrue’s whitepaper on the misleading success that the advancement industry is currently enjoying. The paper will help you improve your transcript and put you in position to be accepted next term.


Your Alumni

Better luck next time! Download our whitepaper “Dollars Over Donors: Is Higher Ed’s Reliance on the Wealthy Minority a Sustainable Strategy?” to learn how to win back your alumni.

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