Essential Tech Tools for Nonprofit Professionals [Whitepaper]

To be a good fundraiser, you have to be passionate about what you do. You have to have integrity, perseverance, and resolve—among plenty of other important habits and attributes.

But how do you reach that next level? What’s the secret to being a truly exceptional fundraiser?

The best fundraisers are willing to take risks, embrace change, and carve out better solutions to everyday challenges.

So, ask yourself: As donors become more elusive and giving participation rates hit the pavement, how can you mobilize yourself to help your organization move forward? How can you be a more effective and productive member of your team?

Step one is to “unstick” yourself from the old way of doing things. Take a hard look at what’s slowing you down—is it messy spreadsheets? Organizing pages of donor notes? Poor communication with teammates? Chances are, technology can help. By introducing new and efficient tools into your daily routine, you’ll be able to get twice as much done and STILL get home in time for dinner.

Whatever your role in fundraising, we want to help you get the job done in style. Check out our Fundraiser’s Toolkit for 2015 for a guide to the apps and tools that’ll make your life easier:

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