What Motivates Each Generation to Give? [Whitepaper]

When society advances, the generations get older, and current events mold peoples’ opinions and behaviors, all hell breaks loose for fundraisers…. well, all hell could break loose.

It is commonly known that groups of people born every 15 to 20 years are given a generation name, characterized as having certain preferences and values. You probably know that Taylor Swift is a Millennial, while George Clooney is a Baby Boomer. But the key is knowing what being a Baby Boomer suggests about Mr. Clooney’s inclinations and habits.

In our new EverTrue whitepaper, “The Changing Donor: How to Design a Cross-Generational Fundraising Strategy,” we explore the characteristics of the four living adult generations in the United States today (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials), how those personality traits shape the generations’ philanthropic giving preferences, and how YOU can motivate each generation to support your organization.

The dynamics of the changing donor don’t need to be a hardship or a signal of defeat; instead, think of it as an opportunity. One that could score you a donation from Taylor Swift and George Clooney.

Download the whitepaper below:

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