Donor Identification in the 21st Century [Whitepaper]

Think about how you identify and prioritize prospects today. What makes a good prospect? What are the affinity and capacity signals you look for, and how do you surface those insights?

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said you look at indicators like past giving, volunteer involvement, career field, and real estate ownership.

But what if we told you there’s more to the story? That there’s another tool you could be using to predict giving and gain a fuller picture of your prospects?

In our newest whitepaper, “Donor Identification in the 21st Century,” we collaborated with our friends over at The Helen Brown Group to explore the power of a new prospecting tool: social media data. Marking the first release of research spanning $17 billion+ of giving data from EverTrue customers, we dive into how to use social data to build your pipeline and better identify, segment, and prioritize prospects.

Download the whitepaper today to get access to:

  • The top LinkedIn industries for donor participation
  • The top LinkedIn industries for gift size
  • The correlation between Facebook engagement and giving
  • Actionable strategies for leveraging social data from LinkedIn and Facebook


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