15 Nonprofits #CrushingIt on Social Media [SlideShare]

The sheer number of nonprofits today is expanding, and so is the power of social media. Whether used by individuals or by organizations looking to broaden their reach, social media has come to redefine the way people develop and maintain relationships.

At EverTrue, we are passionate about helping our nonprofit customers better identify and cultivate donors with insights from social media. In fact, many institutions we work with, such as Union College, are beginning to see direct fundraising results from their investment in social.

Because we know that academic institutions aren’t the only ones on social media, we set out to investigate how non-edu nonprofits are utilizing the social sphere to interact with supporters. What we found were some truly creative initiatives that all nonprofits can learn from. Without further ado, EverTrue presents: 15 Nonprofits #CrushingIt on Social Media.

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