Customer Success Spotlight: Bard College at Simon's Rock

As the EverTrue team continues to expand, Customer Success Manager Courtney Camps remains a key player in the achievements of many of our customers.

This week, I sat down with Courtney to chat about our partnership with Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Check out my Q&A with Courtney below, and hear about the school’s success with EverTrue from Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement, Cathy Ingram, in our case study. 

What were Bard College at Simon’s Rock’s biggest goals in starting to work with EverTrue?

The biggest challenge Bard College at Simon’s Rock faces is that they are a very small advancement team of five people. Before EverTrue, Meghan, who is in charge of advancement services, was overwhelmed because the office was so strapped for time and resources. A majority of Meghan’s time was spent pulling reports, so they needed something that would allow them to execute that work more efficiently. Since the team is small, it is almost like GivingTree has added another person on their team, allowing them to free up time.

Beyond that, like everyone, they are looking for new donors, so they see EverTrue as a tool to help them re-engage folks that they will potentially get donations from later. They are already proving so far that finding people to engage or re-engage with has been made easier with EverTrue’s platform.

Why do you think Simon’s Rock has seen success with EverTrue?

Simon’s Rock has a unique community and takes an innovative approach to both learning and advancement. When we went out to visit them, we really hit it off… everyone was excited to learn about what our product could do for them. I remember sitting there with Rich Montone [Interim Director of Institutional Advancement at Simon’s Rock], and right after the meeting, using EverTrue, we made a list of alums that they should ask to be volunteers. Even in the first half hour, they were using our product and seeing results. For Rich, the return in investment was evident since he was already able to find everything he needed in a matter of seconds.

One concept to understand is that you will not get anything out of EverTrue unless you actually use it. We do work with schools that may be resistant to change… but for Simon’s Rock, they realized that they have to do something new to get new results, so they tried EverTrue and have already seen great success.

What are you most looking forward to in continuing to work with the team at Simon’s Rock?

I am most excited to talk about their success as we work closely with their team. Rich, Cathy, Meghan, and Jacqueline are all very dedicated individuals. Their entire team is super passionate about the work they do… they embody what the school is about, their mission, and their alumni.

I’m also looking forward to seeing where they’re at after having used EverTrue for a full fiscal year. They started using our product midway through last year towards the end of their annual fund. I am excited to work with them on events and solicitations so that they can have a bigger gauge on how they are doing rather than solely at the tail end of the fiscal year. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them with EverTrue!

Learn how Simon’s Rock re-connected with a top prospect thanks to EverTrue!

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