How the Digital Revolution Can Reverse Declining Alumni Participation [SlideShare]

As alumni participation continues to spiral downwards, it seems that higher education has a challenge on its hands. According to a Alumni Access’s 2015 “Ultimate Collection of Statistics for Alumni Membership, Giving, and Engagement”:

“8.3% was the national rate of alumni participation last year. This rate continues to decline, as it’s down from 8.7% in 2013, and 18.1% in 1990.”

So how can we reverse this trend? We all know this to be true: Low participation isn’t going to fix itself. Especially when it comes to capturing the attention of the elusive millennial, it’s more necessary than ever to experiment with new ways of building relationships with alumni.

In this slideshare, we walk you through the latest research on alumni giving from sources like Alumni Access, Blackbaud, and EverTrue to:

  • Explore trends in alumni participation
  • Make sense of the digital revolution
  • Offer insight into engaging constituents through social and digital platforms

Let the statistics speak for themselves. Rise above the old way of doing things, and get on board with the digital revolution to make change happen.

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