Putting Our Money Where Our Mustaches Are

If there’s one thing you should know about the EverTrue team, it’s that we love fundraising. Our team is made up of class agents for schools like Williams, Wesleyan, and Brown; former fundraising professionals who ran annual fund campaigns for Greenwich Country Day, Middlesex School, and Trinity Pawling; and even a former development director and MIT gift analyst! We love to raise money for good causes and continue to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers every single day. Fighting the good fight.

Our latest and greatest installment of this is the EverTrue Movember Project. You can find our team page here. In support of men’s health, we’ve gathered a dedicated crew that is doing one of two things—growing mustaches from scratch over the next 30 days or (for our female team members who’d prefer not to try growing a sweet stache) MOVEmbering. They’ve committed to working out for a certain number of days this month to support their brothers, fathers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, and colleagues.


You can find out all about the Movember movement through our team page and follow the progress of the EverTrue team as we try to raise over $2,500 together. Please share our link, donate, and embrace Movember with us.

May the best stache win!

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