How Joslin Diabetes Center Reinvigorated Their Donor Base Using EverTrue

Diabetes is a complex disease—just ask anyone at Joslin Diabetes Center. Since we only use a single Facebook page, it can be a challenge to balance addressing the many different facets of diabetes, such as the day-to-day management for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, research happenings at Joslin, diabetes complications, and so much more.

With November being National Diabetes Month (NDM), we knew we would see a surge in our social traffic and wanted to capitalize on this momentum by launching a campaign aimed at appealing to a large portion of our Facebook audience in addition to engaging both current and prospective donors.

Using the EverTrue platform, I was able to delve deeper into our Facebook engagement data to better understand our donors and what motivates them to give. This information coupled with our own interactions—both on social media and with current donors—led us to develop a Facebook campaign focused on type 1 diabetes research for a cure.

Here is how we launched the campaign:

1. We created targeted video content detailing Joslin’s unique research approach to a type 1 cure and released a new video each week during November.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Facebook audience, it was clear that this was a topic that many of our donors, patients, and members of our social audience are passionate about.

2. In EverTrue, I pulled a list of everyone who engaged with our videos to get a better idea of which of our current donors are interested in learning more about type 1 research at Joslin.


This list also helped us to further break down the Facebook data by discerning the active donors from the inactive ones.

3. I then exported the list into a CSV file and sorted the data, concentrating on giving history and social engagement.


This data provided us with a sense of which donors regularly interact with our social posts and which donors came to our page specifically for this campaign.

4. I shared this list with our marketing team and major gifts officers, and we further segmented the list and created a plan for additional outreach with these donors.


As we start to ramp up our 2016 efforts to cultivate our donor base, EverTrue allows us to develop targeted messaging based on content and social postings that our donors are already interacting with on a frequent basis. More importantly, we have now identified a group of donors who we can nurture as they continue their giving journey with Joslin.

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Emily Berkowitz is a marketing communications specialist at Joslin Diabetes Center. She spends her time managing and creating content for Joslin’s social media platforms, blog (Speaking of Diabetes), website, and other marketing campaigns and materials. Say hello on Twitter or LinkedIn! 

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