Why the Oregon State University Foundation Is Going All-In on Social Media

Imagine you’re pulling together a list of your most engaged constituents for an upcoming event or end-of-year push. Where would you begin? You might start with giving history, volunteerism, class leadership, and reunion attendance—and, oh, did I mention giving history?

If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. These are certainly great starting points for measuring constituent engagement. However, you may be missing out on insights from other places where your constituents are choosing to engage with you: LinkedIn and Facebook.

For this year’s CASE VIII Conference in Calgary, EverTrue teamed up with Mark Koenig, assistant vice president for advancement services at the Oregon State University (OSU) Foundation, to give a presentation on how senior leaders like Mark are leveraging data from social media platforms to bring their advancement initiatives to the next level. We looked at OSU’s strategies for building a donor pipeline with social data and asked a few key questions to better understand the opportunity to identify, segment, and prioritize prospects.

How is OSU connecting their social media efforts to broader fundraising objectives?

How is OSU targeting socially engaged non-donors to bolster participation?

How is OSU shaping major gift officer portfolios with social data?

Due to popular demand, we’ve made the presentation slides available for download here. Get your copy today for a sneak peek at OSU’s playbook, including:

  • Strategies for capitalizing on social engagement at all levels of the giving pyramid
  • How to identify highly engaged, lapsed donors flying under the radar
  • How to create two-way conversations with donors and prospects
  • How to prioritize and solicit active engagers
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