Product Release Notes: July 2016


With fiscal year 2016 on the books (for most institutions, that is), it’s finally time to take a breather and reflect on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? How can you be even more successful this upcoming year? We hope that EverTrue played a part in helping you meet your fundraising and engagement objectives last year, and we look forward to a productive 2017 with you and your team.

Thinking about how to take advantage of EverTrue in the year ahead? Take a peek at our newest feature below.

Introducing Facebook Reactions

With Facebook’s release of Reactions, you’ve probably noticed that people are doing more than just “liking” and commenting on your institution’s Facebook content. That’s because there are now six different ways to react to a Facebook post: Like, Love, Wow, Haha, Sad, and Angry. (Note: Facebook also offered a temporary Thankful button on Mother’s Day.)

Today, we’re excited to announce that EverTrue captures and displays all of those Reactions, giving you extra insight into how constituents are engaging with your Facebook content. Did a VIP donor react as “angry” to a post? Who “loves” everything on your athletics page? Now you’ll have an even more nuanced understanding of your constituents’ affinities (and even frustrations) as you develop and execute your engagement strategy.

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How can I surface constituents who have engaged with my Facebook content by Reaction type?

  1. Open up the filter bar from the “Browse” screen.
  2. Select the “Facebook Engagement Type” filter and check off the desired reactions (such as “Sad” and “Angry, as shown below).
  3. Apply the search. EverTrue will return all constituents who have engaged with your content with your selected Reaction types.



Where else can I take advantage of Reactions?

  • Filter by Reaction type in the Facebook tab (under Engagements).
  • Filter by Reaction type on a constituent profile (in the Engagement section).
  • See total Reactions count for each Facebook post on your live feed (shown below).


We can’t wait to hear how you use Facebook Reactions. Like it? Love it? Give us a shout anytime.

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