A Roundup of Our Top Feature Releases in 2016

Last year was the biggest and best year yet for EverTrue. We’re excited to continue to help advancement shops raise money and engage alumni with easy access to data and simple workflows.

And we’re not done yet. Each month, we continue to add new features to the EverTrue platform—but we did want to take a moment to recap the top eight improvements we made in 2016. (Plus, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2017!)

1. New Constituent Profiles: Everything in One Place

EverTrue Constituent Profile


We rolled out a brand new look for our constituent profiles. Now, when you pull up a profile, you get a clear snapshot of that person’s biographical information, giving history, career info, home value, and engagement with your institution. The new profile even makes it possible to search for the person on Google in one click. We put all this great information in one place so you don’t have to switch between 10 different screens in your database.

2. Customize Your EverTrue Experience

EverTrue - Customize Columns


Get the information you need quickly by editing the columns that appear in EverTrue search results. You can choose to see only giving data, recent Facebook interactions, demographic details, LinkedIn career information, and more.

3. Create a Beautiful Online Giving Experience

EverTrue Giving Page


You may remember our EverTrue for Annual Giving announcement from last October. Now, in EverTrue, you can create gorgeous, mobile-responsive giving pages in seconds and track the effectiveness of your appeals.

We designed these pages with donors in mind. They’re shorter and easier to complete, which means donors are 40% more likely to make a gift through an EverTrue form than they are on a standard giving page.  We then help match those donations to donors, saving time on the back end with the reconciliation process.

4. Create an Appeal

It now only takes two clicks to create an appeal from EverTrue. If you’ve found a search you like (for example, LYBUNTS who have recently interacted with your Facebook page), you can export it into a list for your email marketing program to produce a quick and effective appeal.

5. Copy-and-Paste a List into EverTrue

You asked. We answered. The ability to copy-and-paste a list lets you take a list of people from any spreadsheet or document and replicate it in EverTrue so you can see real-time social engagement data, career information, giving history, and more details related to the constituents on the list.

6. Draw-to-Search on Mobile

EverTrue - Draw to Search on Mobile


Whether you’re looking for filler visits or alumni to invite to a regional event, it’s even easier to search for constituents within cities and neighborhoods on your mobile device. Just pull up the map view on your phone or tablet and draw a circle to generate a list of alumni in that area. You can then narrow this list using additional search filters.

7. Facebook Reactions and Facebook Filters

Facebook Reactions - EverTrue


We’re pretty ? about Facebook Reactions, as well. Now that Facebook users can do more than “like” a post, we wanted you to have that information as well. With everything from Wow (?) to Angry (?) now searchable in EverTrue, you can see how people have reacted to your posts.

As a bonus, we added a couple more Facebook filters to give you even more insight into your alums’ interests. You can filter by keywords (i.e. “football” or “professor”), by Facebook engagement date, and—if you have multiple Facebook pages connected to EverTrue—by specific page.

8. Share Useful Searches

It’s even easier to collaborate with your colleagues. The ability to share lists and searches in EverTrue helps prospect researchers and gift officers create prospect lists, alumni relations teams plan events, and annual giving officers create targeted campaigns.

These are just a few of the improvements our team put in place in 2016. It was a big year for EverTrue, but 2017 is poised to be even bigger! Thank you for doing what you do to impact students and change lives. We’ll keep doing our best to make your job easier, more effective, and more fun.

Happy New Year!

A Sneak Peek: Coming Soon in 2017…

EverTrue for Gift Officers

We’re launching a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform for gift officers. We want to help our road warriors by making portfolio management and trip planning a snap.

With the new EverTrue for Gift Officers, you can manage your entire portfolio in one place. It’s easy to add new prospects and track them as they move through research, cultivation, and solicitation stages. We also made it simple to plan trips by letting you take a list of prospects and drag-and-drop them onto a calendar to arrange your visits. Then, after your meeting, write or talk-to-type a contact report and attach it to the alum’s profile. Those interactions are searchable, too.

EverTrue Alumni Community on Web

We’re still the only company in the space with a preferred partnership with LinkedIn, giving you and your Community users access to LinkedIn industry, location, and job title information. Now we’re taking the mobile app alumni love for networking and putting it online. Every school that has the Alumni Community app will soon be able to activate their EverTrue community on the web, too.

Matt Sly is the vice president of product at EverTrue. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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