Introducing EverTrue for Gift Officers: Helping Road Warriors Work Smarter

I spend too much time on administrative tasks.”

“It takes days to get a report back when I’m planning a trip.”

“It’s cumbersome to keep track of my portfolio in spreadsheets.”

These are just some of challenges we’ve heard time and again from gift officers. In fact, the results of a survey of 500+ fundraising leaders by Fired Up Fundraising echoed these challenges—with respondents listing a lack of time (24 percent) and difficulty with prospect identification (25 percent) as the top barriers to raising major gifts.

At EverTrue, we’ve done a lot over the past few years to help gift officers access donor information from anywhere and retrieve prospect lists in seconds. But we realize there’s more to the moves management process, so we’ve been working closely with our customers to build on that progress and reimagine the gift officer experience.

Today we’re thrilled to introduce EverTrue for Gift Officers, a new solution that helps frontline advancement staff efficiently access data, plan trips, track proposals, and manage portfolios on and off the road. Every step of the way, we’re equipping you with powerful data and easy-to-use tools so you can get out there, build more relationships, and raise the gifts that will transform your institution and the lives of students.

Access Donor Information in One Place

Self-Service Filtering and Keyword Search on Contact Reports

It’s 2017. You shouldn’t have to wait 5 to 10 days for a prospect list pull. You shouldn’t have to manually cobble together donor information from six different sources. You shouldn’t have to carry around print-outs and spreadsheets.

EverTrue compiles all of the information you need into constituent profiles, accessible on web and mobile. That means you’ve got giving history, demographic details, Facebook engagement data, LinkedIn career data, contact info, contact reports, proposal data, and more in one place.

Constituent Profile in EverTrue


Searching for constituents and potential donors is completely self service, too. It takes seconds to run a query. Who are all of my prospects in Seattle with at least $5k lifetime giving and over 10 likes on Facebook? Who are my unassigned C-suite constituents per LinkedIn? (Bonus: you can save searches and get notified whenever a prospect meets your saved criteria.)

We’ve also made it possible to search through all contact reports, interactions, and proposals. Who are the donors who mentioned “pool” and might be interested in supporting the upcoming pool renovation? Who has an active proposal out right now? Get these answers in a few clicks.

Contact Report Search - EverTrue


With easy access to amazing data, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: cultivating and stewarding your donors.

Easily Plan Trips and Get Work Done on the Road

My Trips for Web and Mobile

We know that one of the most important parts of your job is to get in front of donors. So we’re helping you be more efficient on that front. Our powerful My Trips feature lets you manage your trip workflow from start to finish in one platform.

Let’s say you’re in the office and planning a trip to Boston. Just create a trip called “Boston” in EverTrue; search for and add prospects to the trip; and drag-and-drop them onto the itinerary as you schedule the visits. You can add relevant meeting details (time and date, location, description, solicitors) and view your full itinerary as a calendar or on a map.

My Trips - EverTrue


Once it’s go time, all of that information is available in the EverTrue mobile app, too. View your itinerary and meeting details; review constituent profiles and contact reports; get travel directions via our integrations with Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps; and easily find filler visits if an appointment gets cancelled.

My Trips - EverTrue


Then as you ride the elevator down from the meeting, dictate or type your notes into the app. Those contact reports are attached to donor’s profile and searchable as soon as they’re posted.

From arranging visits to reporting on meetings, we’re bringing you best-in-class web and mobile technology to streamline your workflow and get the job done.

Manage Your Portfolio Without Spreadsheets

My Portfolio for Web and Mobile

Whether you’re assigned to 50 or 120 prospects, you’ve got a lot of relationships to cultivate. But that can be difficult when you’re managing them by memory or in a manually-updated spreadsheet (noticing a theme here?).

Our portfolio management tools eliminate the need for file-wrangling, instead freeing up time so you can make the calls and send the emails that are so important to nurturing and stewarding prospects. In dashboard format, EverTrue visualizes your portfolio by stage and helps you monitor how prospects are advancing through the pipeline.

How long has Joe Smith been in the cultivation stage? When was the last time we corresponded? Powerful analytics in the My Portfolio dashboard ensure that you know who needs attention and when.

EverTrue for Gift Officers


Of course, you can easily pop into a constituent profile right from My Portfolio. Grab information about your assigned prospects (like contact reports, proposals, Facebook engagement, and contact information) in one click.

We are proud to have institutions of all sizes—from Union College to Oregon State University—already on board with EverTrue for Gift Officers. Jennifer Small, manager of campaign initiatives and principal gifts officer at Union, shared the impact that EverTrue has had on their frontline efforts since piloting the product:

[show-testimonials alias=’union-1′]


EverTrue for Gift Officers is the newest addition to our full suite of solutions for advancement offices and is now available to any development shop looking to help gift officers work more effectively on the frontline.

If you’d like to learn more, please join us for an informational webinar on Thursday, Feb. 2 or visit this page to request a personalized demo with one of my colleagues at EverTrue.

Brent Grinna is the CEO and Founder of EverTrue. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @brentgrinna.

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