Here’s How 654 Advancement Professionals Rate Their Technology Tools

Advancement has changed tremendously over the past few years. Shops are heading in a donor-first direction and getting smarter than ever when it comes to engaging and soliciting constituents.

But has the technology kept up with demand? Do advancement professionals have the right tools to execute on the vision of a connected, efficient, and donor-focused office?

We teamed up with Zuri Group to find out. Last fall, we invited industry professionals from a variety of institutions to participate in a survey about the technology landscape supporting advancement. 654 advancement professionals from 427 organizations responded, sharing how satisfied they are with their respective technology stacks.

The Advancement Technology Landscape 2017


We heard from individuals across all roles and seniority levels, including vice presidents, advancement services staff, alumni professionals, and fundraisers. Participants provided their thoughts on a range of tools, from email marketing providers to online giving platforms.

But no matter the role or tool, the sentiment was less than rosy. The majority of advancement professionals were, at best, “just okay” with the technology resources at their disposal today.

EverTrue and Zuri Group believe that “just okay” isn’t good enough. In our Advancement Technology Landscape 2017 report, we present the results of the survey and explore the opportunity ahead for improving the industry’s technology landscape.

Download the full report by clicking the button (no need to fill out a form). For a summary of the findings, check out the infographic below.


The Advancement Technology Landscape 2017 - Infographic

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