Identifying Engaged Fans with BIG Time Potential

With EverTrue, the OSU Foundation gets real-time insight into which constituents are engaging with OSU on Facebook and what content they’re interacting with—allowing researchers to better assess prospect interests and affinities. The team has connected a total of 50 OSU-affiliated pages to the EverTrue platform, including the general university page, the alumni association page, and various college and athletics pages.

To make the best use of these social insights, Research Analyst Andy Lasselle saves lists and useful constituent segments in EverTrue. That way, he knows when his tracked prospects interact with OSU on Facebook or change their job information on LinkedIn. These lists and segments have been invaluable in developing engagement strategies for top prospects and donors.

Thanks to social insights from EverTrue, the OSU Foundation was able to secure a $17,000 gift to women’s basketball. The donor had never given to the athletics department before, but EverTrue showed that he was highly engaged with OSU athletics content—with nearly 1,500 likes, mostly towards women’s basketball. Andy passed along this insight to the development team, who quickly shifted the dialogue with the donor. This led to one of the largest gifts in OSU women’s basketball history. One year later, that gift opened the door for a $360,000 pledge agreement to renovate the football center.

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