Wahoo(s)! Why the University of Virginia is All-in with EverTrue

We’re beyond thrilled to announce our enterprise partnership with the University of Virginia! You may have heard that UVA just announced a $5B fundraising campaign. The University selected EverTrue to help them achieve this goal and we are so excited to partner with more than 300 advancement professionals across campus to make it happen.

This decision highlights University of Virginia’s (UVA) dedication to advancing its strategic priorities by enabling the Wahoo team with the best tools and technology to achieve their $5B goal. By putting the power of EverTrue directly into the hands of every person on the UVA team, they’re allowing their staff to work efficiently and smartly as each spends more time building relationships with constituents and future donors.

Why EverTrue?

Deke Shrum, Senior Director of Digital at UVA, shares why UVA chose to partner with EverTrue.

It’s about relationships.

With a relationship management solution that is designed specifically for gift officers, road warriors can now do their jobs on-the-go from their mobile phone. Whether managing their itinerary, finding filler visits, or adding verbal notes to a contact report, UVA’s goal is to free gift officers to spend more time with donors and less time on paperwork.



It’s about passion.

Using social data, UVA can tap into new sources of information, bringing  constituent profiles up to date and letting staff connect alumni and donors with the causes they care most about today. It’s not always about experiences from 20 years ago, but rather what is UVA doing now to build a better future that inspires graduates to get involved and give back. Using social insights, they’re helping alumni, parents, and friends feel more connected to UVA.



It’s about dedication.

University of Virginia (UVA) is dedicated to supporting their Wahoo’s team with the best technology and mobile-first platforms. EverTrue is committed to supporting higher ed advancement teams with easy to use technology that makes their lives better.



We are thrilled to walk with UVA on this journey to $5B. I can’t wait to see how they build relationships in pursuit of a better world. Read more about our partnership with UVA, and stay tuned for more details on a November webinar on UVA’s gift officer program with EverTrue.

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