20 Million Alumni Show Why Higher Ed Needs to Pay More Attention to Online Engagement (Infographic)

Colleges and schools are really good at driving engagement. With events, active social channels, live streaming, and popular websites and alumni directories, higher ed offers a ton to its fans.

And there are a lot of fans! Universities and independent schools have a natural, built-in audience that wants to stay connected. Alumni and families actively seek ways to connect with the institutions they care about. The number of social interactions grows every year.

That’s great. More engagement is a good thing.

But what happens after someone interacts online?

Where is the connection between millions of engagement points and the advancement office, which can turn those likes into dollars and donors?

We looked at how 20,500,000 million people interacted with their alma mater. We crunched the numbers on 56 million Facebook interactions. And we connected that information to giving data to present the definitive report on how higher ed fundraising pros benefit when they connect digital engagement directly to fundraising outreach.

The results show that when teams put the right strategy, technology, and people in place, there’s an enormous treasure lying within this mountain of engagement.

In order for advancement to advance, we have to pay more attention to our most engaged audiences, making a connection between their interests and the institution’s needs. There’s enormous potential waiting for teams willing to tap into all this information and do something about it.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’d love to help.

Open up the chat bubble on the screen and ask for a 15-minute consultation.

Our team will sit down, we’ll look at your fundraising priorities, talk about the resources you can access now to drive engagement that creates more leads, show how to tap into that information, and explore ways to shift toward modern fundraising.

Or see how this all works in action. Watch the University of Connecticut Foundation team talk through how they’re gone digital-first.

See How UConn Went Digital-First

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