TrueTalk: Conversations from EverTrue HQ — Episode 2: Put Your Phones To Work

If you’re like me, you’re always connected and always online. Whether using apps for travel, weather, news, video, social media, or games, I expect a seamless transition from my desktop to my phone without losing any quality.

So why do we settle for a substandard mobile experience when it comes to work resources?

In Episode 2, Brent and Courtney talk about how mobile experiences are woven into ever aspect of our personal and professional lives, and why we shouldn’t expect anything less than a stellar mobile experience for our constituents and volunteers.



Watch now or listen on the EverTrue Soundcloud channel.

We’re not the only ones expecting mobile first experiences. Our constituents also want to engage digitally – whether registering for events to networking with other alumni. They’re online and they’re engaging 24/7. On November 14, EverTrue founder & CEO Brent Grinna will host a webinar on Facebook for Advancement. We’ll cover ways to use the free tools that Facebook offers to create mobile environments where they want to engage.

Grab a Seat: Facebook for Advancement

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