EverTrue Tip: The Wonderful World of Segmentation

Taking a creative approach to segmentation can have some powerful effects on your next appeal. But in order for your brilliant ideas to reap their well-deserved results and accolades, you’ll need to know the basics of creating, saving and exporting segments.

We’re here to show you how to do just that.


  • First, and before you fire up EverTrue, think about what categories you want to get people fired up about. Once you pick a few areas of interest to take a deep dive on, you can get down to business.


  • This is where your creativity can shine. Think about who would be engaged with your areas of interests. Majors, extracurriculars, social engagement; those are just a few of the filters you can use to narrow down your list and find the people most likely to engage with your appeal. We walk you through exactly how to do this in the video.


  • Export your lists and kick off the appeal. You can simplify your spreadsheet by only exporting relevant fields.


Check out help.evertrue.com for more ideas on segmentation, using EverTrue, and crushing those goals.

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