TrueTalk: Will You Be 1 of 40 Emails in Our Inbox on Giving Tuesday?

Fair warning right up front: There are some controversial opinions in the newest edition of TrueTalk. The subject is Giving Tuesday and Brent and Courtney have some thoughts. To say the least.

No one is questioning the spirit of the day. But are too many institutions doing it just to do it? Because, well, it’s just the thing you do the Tuesday after Thanksgiving? Brent and Courtney offer some ideas on a fresh approach and how to cut through the clutter.

And look, we get it, Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. You’ve already sunk a bunch of effort into it for this year. All is not lost. They also get into some interesting ways you can use EverTrue to build on your Giving Tuesday work even, and especially, if people are too strapped from holiday shopping to contribute.

Oh, and wardrobe commentary. Always with the wardrobe commentary.



Listen on Soundcloud.

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