TrueTalk: Time to Rethink Your Org Structure?

Technology is great. No one will argue with that. Unless maybe their phone is on the fritz.

But it isn’t the answer. Never has been. Isn’t going to start now.

You need the right people in the right positions figuring out how to take advantage of it. Once you’ve got the right strategy and the right technology, though? Now you’re talking.

That’s what Brent and Courtney get into in the newest TrueTalk. Since the org chart dictates more of your success than might realize, it might be time to take another look at it. We know that for some of you, it’s probably been a while.

But that’s OK. Brent and Courtney have more than a few ideas of things you could try and some unique positions you could add that might make all the difference. Listen in and start thinking about new positions that could really benefit your constituents.



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