A Delicious Treat: EverTrue’s December 2018 Product Update

EverTrue Product Update

EverTrue Product Update

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When was the last time you had to choose between two good options?

For me, it was at dinner this past weekend. We were out with friends, had a nice meal, and then the dessert menu arrived.

What mind-blowing homemade selection would it be? The stout chocolate cake or the homemade cinnamon sugar donuts?

Two great options. No wrong choice.

Those kinds of decisions are tough. You can’t go wrong with one over the other.

Well, that’s how we feel about the Apple vs. Android debate. They’re both great platforms for living and working better, so it really all boils down to personal preference. (I’m an Apple fan myself. Oh, and I went with the chocolate stout cake. The creamy vanilla frosting was heaven.)

Just like we won’t restrict your dessert choices, we’re not about to let you only work on one device. That’s why we’re showcasing all the work we’ve done lately to give you the best EverTrue experience on your mobile devices.


Updates to EverTrue’s iOS and Android Apps

Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android, you’ll have instant access to all of that sweet, sweet constituent information that you can’t get from your database otherwise. Run searches, review profiles, access giving information and pair all of that with new information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. We’re making sure that everything you love about EverTrue on your desktop also lives in the palm of your hand.

New for Android (Download EverTrue for Android here)

  • Use the app to see trips, manage meetings, and log interactions after connecting with a donor (if you’re using Relationship Management).
  • View assignments and your top fields on profiles
  • See open pledges and any remaining balance on donor profiles.
  • View gift transactions in a donor’s giving history.
  • Quickly check if a donor has a current recurring gift.

iOS (Download EverTrue for Apple devices here)

  • New search filters including Facebook Content, Interaction Content, Assignments.
  • Use Siri shortcuts to add a to-do and see recent Facebook engagements.
  • See open pledges and any remaining balance on donor profiles.
  • View gift transactions in a donor’s giving history.
  • Quickly check if a donor has a current recurring gift.

Pro-tip: Make sure you’re running the latest version of EverTrue’s Advancement app on Android and iOS to take advantage of all these new features.


Relationship Management

We’ve made it easier to submit contact reports and log meetings in EverTrue.

Add Multiple People to an Interaction
After a group meeting, you can now submit a single interaction or contact report in EverTrue and tag the people present so the recap appears on each person’s profile. Now it’s a snap to report on meetings with multiple prospects.

Pro-tip: All those contact reports are immediately searchable in EverTrue by keyword. And you can import your old reports to EverTrue where they also become searchable. How cool is that? If you’re not taking advantage of this feature, contact our support team (genius@evertrue.com) and we’ll set up an appointment to make that happen.

Edit an Interaction
If you need to edit a contact report or have an assistant add notes, you can do that in EverTrue. Anyone who’s a solicitor on an interaction can edit the report’s text. Just give another user “edit rights” by adding them as a solicitor or go back and make the changes yourself.

Search for Solicitor’s Interactions
We added a new filter. Now you can search EverTrue for interactions from a specific team member. Want to see all of Jane Gift Officer’s or Joe Fundraiser’s contact reports? Just use the new “Interaction Solicitor” search field.

Add Free-form Custom Fields
Want to add extra information that doesn’t fit into your standard contact report format? Well, now you can. Problem solved.

We have all the details in this handy help article.


New Integration Partner: Hustle

You may have seen the news. We just announced we’re BBFs with Hustle, the leading peer-to-peer text messaging platform.

Now all your messages to alumni, donors, families, and volunteers can appear in EverTrue as searchable interactions. Keep tabs on engagement and search for keywords (think: a favorite sport or beloved instructor’s name) for future fundraising opportunities.


Unlock More Features — Send More Data to EverTrue

We’ve talked about these EverTrue enhancements before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

If you’re want to activate either of these features (Or both! Why choose, right?) just contact genius@evertrue.com and we’ll help you get started.

Contact Report Search
You can search historic contact reports by keyword with Google-like ease! Just import past interactions to EverTrue. Not only will your team be able to see them on all EverTrue profiles, but you’ll be able to search these contact reports to build lists for interest-based campaigns, professorships, and more.

Gift Transactions
Want to see past giving and quickly sort by hard credit, pledge payment, fund, and more? Then import your transactional gift data to EverTrue and start using all of that information to create better lists and get the full picture of every donor.

Gift Categories
Bring in giving totals for anyone who’s given to the annual fund, athletics, your current campaign, or whatever categorization matters most to your team.

That’s all the goodies we have time to talk about now. But stay tuned for even bigger and better things in 2019.

Thanks for reading!

(Check out past EverTrue product updates.)

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