LinkedIn For Advancement: Watch It Again or for the First Time

Ready for a little peek behind the scenes at EverTrue marketing?

We chose the Wednesday before the holiday break to host our LinkedIn for Advancement webinar completely on purpose. Why?

Well, we knew plenty of people would be working in spirit only, if you know what we’re getting at (not us, though. Definitely not us, right boss?) So, we wanted to give them something valuable to do that technically counted as work…but also sorta counted as watching TV.

Of course, we also knew some of you would be otherwise occupied, either scrambling to get stuff done before the break or, and this was way more likely, last-minute online shopping (and yes, some of us were definitely doing that yesterday…).

If you missed it, we understand. 2-day shipping doesn’t last forever. Turns out this webinar does, though.

So now that your shopping is finally done (it’s done, right??), you can set aside some time to watch the webinar replay. And if you just want to watch it again, you can absolutely do that, too.


Prefer to view the slides only? Check them out here.

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