Ask The EverCrew: What Are Your Favorite Features?

As we started thinking back on 2018, we began to wonder which EverTrue features our own team liked the most. Yes, they’re all near and dear to our heart and we probably shouldn’t pick favorites, but…well, that’s exactly what we decided to do.

And who better to ask than our very own Customer Success Mangers? These customer champions are in constant communication with our partners, making sure they’re reaching fundraising goals by getting the most out of EverTrue. And when they’re not doing that, they’re most likely in the product itself.

So, we asked them which one feature stuck out to them the most this past year and why. Here’s what they told us about their favorite features.

Meggie: Detailed Giving Information

One of the biggest customer feedback items that we heard was the need for further giving detail to segment, prospect, and quickly review a profile. Well, ask and you shall receive!

This year, the team released two additional giving models to amplify the donor profile in EverTrue. The first is Categorized Giving which allows your team to send EverTrue buckets of giving information like Annual Fund, Athletics, Capital, etc. The second is Gift Transactions which allows for all gift details like designations and campaign credit. I think this addition was a game-changer for EverTrue as it allows you to target past donors to a specific designation seamlessly as well as prospect with access to all giving information.

Meghan L: Volunteer by EverTrue

We launched the new module this year, and it was exciting to see ALL the features that rolled out with it. The tool arms members of your community with the information they need to do the work you’ve asked them to complete. That’s everything from class agents making solicitations for annual giving programs, alums securing registrations for upcoming reunions, students making donor thank you calls, trustees making contact with your best supporters, and more.

Volunteer equips those individuals with tools to do their job AND allows administrators to monitor their progress. It’s easily available on iPhone, Android, and web plus it’s equipped with gift notifications, group text, granular reporting, and internal messaging tools. We’ve already seen Volunteer help schools like Wheaton College, the Millbrook School, Notre Dame, and Williams College surpass their goals!

Meghan B: Radius on a Map

This new feature is so helpful for trip planning and event venue shopping. Salisbury School recently used it to find a venue for an event in San Francisco. By applying the radius, they narrowed down their target invite list and realized that a majority of their constituents in San Francisco all worked in the same building. With that information in hand, they chose a bar right next door and had a higher attendance rate than anticipated.

Caroline: Eventbrite integration

I love this feature because it’s an additional engagement point that ALL users can access. We’ll match an attendee to their profile which allows you to push this information to gift officers when their assignments are mapped. You can also capture new email addresses through manual matching. Since they’ve started using the Eventbrite integration, St. Edward’s has increased their event attendance and decreased their no-shows for major events on campus.

Courtney: Contact Report Search

I love this feature because it unlocks valuable contact report data that has been hidden for years in the back closet of your database. For new Gift Officers getting up and running, or Gift Officers (and Researchers) doing discovery work to identify donors interested in a specific topic, this feature allows you to essentially Google search across all your contact reports to surface new opportunities.

One of my favorite stories from this year was from a University of Rochester Gift Officer who used the Contact Report Search to look for the term “bequest.” EverTrue returned back a list of all prospects who had mentioned bequest to a gift officer; including a prospect who told a gift officer he was interested in a planned gift, but never actually made that gift. They contacted the prospect and helped him fulfill the bequest!

Tell us what your favorite EverTrue features were in 2018. And if you’re not currently using any of the ones we mentioned, we’d be happy to teach you more about it!

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