New Webinar: Discussing Leadership Giving Programs with Syracuse and Kansas State

Think of how much time you spend focusing on major gifts and small (but crucial) annual fund gifts. We’re willing to bet those two things soak up the vast majority of your efforts. But those are just two ends of the giving spectrum. What’s happening in the middle?

Well, there could be a lot. At EverTrue, we’ve long advocated for a more concentrated effort aimed at the leadership giving. These are substantial contributions but a few steps down from the major gifts that grab all the headlines. And they can add up fast.

We’re willing to bet there are more people in your alumni base capable of making a leadership-level gift than you realize. Not only that, but some of these donors could eventually turn into your next generation of major gift donors. Which means engaging with them early and building a relationship is critical.

Many institutions are beginning to focus more and more on this section of their constituency. On February 13th we’ll be co-hosting a webinar with two of them: Syracuse and Kansas State. We’ll talk about the approaches they’re taking to leadership giving, the thought process behind them and interesting strategies other institutions are experimenting with.

Join us and discover how you can tap into a whole new section of your donor base in 2019.

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