What does the Customer Success team do around here anyway?

Our core mission at EverTrue is to build relationships in pursuit of a better world. It’s on the wall by our front door and everything. Hopefully it comes through in all your interactions with us: We aim to keep that purpose in sight in everything we do.

But no one embodies that mantra more than our Customer Success Managers. This squad has been the backbone of EverTrue since we launched our very first customer. The thinking was simple: If we can improve the way our customers work and make their days a little brighter at the same time, our company will grow. Nine years in, we believe that’s why we’ve made it to where we are.

Still, though, we have some customers who don’t take advantage of the team who is exclusively dedicated to helping them make the most of EverTrue. Everyone has their preferences, but I thought I’d take some time to explain what it is our Customer Success team does each and every day.

We view everyone who uses EverTrue as a partner. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) is responsible for building up relationships with our customers and making sure they get as much value from EverTrue as they possibly can. That’s a lot! How do they do it all? It starts with setting goals right from the get-go.

Getting You Started

During the onboarding process, CSMs will work with your institutions leadership to determine the objectives for EverTrue: Why did you buy the product? What needs do you need to fulfill? What processes need to be examined to maximize the use of EverTrue?

Once establishing goals with the leadership team, CSMs will work with end users to put processes in place to make sure all those benchmarks are reached. That could include creating a group of power users or developing internal workflows or a number of other strategies to ensure success.

Ramping Up Your Team

As your start ramping up, your CSM will be right alongside you with all the resources and coaching your team needs. That includes live instruction sessions plus how-to videos and written deep dives so you can learn on your own, as well.

They’ll also train your own trainer, so you’ve got one EverTrue expert (at least) onsite whenever you need. While your CSM will be available whenever you need some assistance, it’s always helpful to have someone at the office who can help work through issues.

Making Sure Success Doesn’t Stop

We don’t want you to think CSMs are onboarding specialists, though. Making sure new customers are comfortable with the new technology is a critical part of their responsibilities, but they’re not going anywhere just because your team starts getting comfortable using EverTrue. Nope, they’ll be there to work with both leadership and day-to-day users. That includes refining and iterating goals, processes and strategy. They’ll help your whole team coordinate an approach that makes sure you’re maximizing EverTrue.

They also serve as your conduit for product feedback (which we absolutely cannot get enough of), keep you updated on upcoming product developments, and sharing stories from other institutions your team can take inspiration from.

On top of the usual one-on-one coaching, they’ll also make sure you’re informed about monthly training sessions, webinars, EverTrue U events that happen around the country and our annual conference, RAISE to help you connect with colleagues and get even more out of EverTrue.

They Don’t Do EVERYTHING, Though

We do, after all, have a whole company full of smart, helpful people. A CSM will be your main point of contact, but there are certain things other great members of the EverCrew will help you out with. When things go awry, we’ve got a whole team to help guide you through that. And our data implementation team will help with all your data syncing needs since they live and breathe data.

And while CSMs will always help you get the most out of what you’ve purchased, if decide you want to add other EverTrue products to your arsenal, they’ll put you in touch with a member of our sales team to help guide you through that process.

Now that I’ve typed it all out…. wow, they do a lot! But we’re nothing without our customers, which is why our Customer Success team is critical to every aspect of EverTrue and the voice of the customer within our company.

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