More Data, Faster: How we’re helping you get the most data-driven value out of EverTrue

No Spreadsheets

Data fuels advancement teams. Everybody wins when the entire division has access to the information they need. Fundraisers work faster and more efficiently and friend-raisers ditch busy work and dedicate more time to relationship-building. So we’re always thinking of new and better ways to get more mission-critical information into EverTrue.

Here’s how we’re making that happen… along with a recap of things you and your team should use to get the most out of EverTrue.

Did you know…

The EverTrue Importer processes nearly

  • 20 million records a day
  • 135 million records each week
  • 580 million records every month
  • 6.25 billion-with-a-B records in 2018!


We are working on improving the Importer experience

Last month, our engineers did some behind-the-scenes work to speed up the Importer. In case you hadn’t yet noticed, updated files are going live faster than ever.

We’re hitting processing speeds that are 285 percent quicker than they were before, meaning your information gets into EverTrue faster than you can say, “No more spreadsheets!.”

And we’re not stopping there

Stay tuned for more Importer updates which will make getting data into EverTrue faster and more simple.

While we’re at it… here are more data-related updates your team needs. Like right NOW.


Searchable Contact Reports

You’re sitting on a gold mine of information: decades of contact reports from your donors.

Who’s mentioned a retiring professor? Who’s said they’re thinking about a planned gift? Who might be interested in your next hard-to-fund priority?

Now you can send contact reports into EverTrue and search them by keyword, easily finding gems tucked away in your database.



Gift Transactions

We’ve stepped up our game when it comes to giving histories in EverTrue. Now you can easily see all past transactions — including hard and soft credits, gifts to specific funds, and pledge payments — in EverTrue. Learn more.

Those transactions are searchable, too, so if you need a list of donors to a specific fund, you can do that in seconds.



Suggest an Update (Beta)

Your team is coming across new information for alumni, parents, and friends all the time.

Whether it’s an updated email address, a new phone number, or an address change, any EverTrue user can suggest a profile update for the data team to review and import back to your database.



(Oh and you can do this from your iPhone and iPad, too!)


But wait… there’s more. Much, much more.

Want to see all the other data goodness we’ve got going on?

How about Volunteer Insights, which let you track the activity and impact of your fundraising volunteers while also keeping tabs on assignments and progress in volunteer pools.  



Or check out new updates to Interactions! You can add multiple constituents to an interaction, edit contact reports you previously submitted, toggle on/off different interaction fields, and more.

And don’t forget about roundtrip contact report information flowing in and out of EverTrue on a nightly basis. Automatically.



Stay tuned! We’re still working on sending more data goodies your way.

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